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Use the sun's power to heat your home or business, heat water, heat your pool and keep you warm.

Apricus Solar Hot Water

Apricus solar collectors convert energy from the sun into usable heat and hot water.

Apricus evacuated tube solar collectors are durable in extreme climates



Step 1:  The absorber coating on the inner glass tube absorbs sunlight and converts it into heat. 

Step 2:  Steam forms inside heat pipe which transfers heat rapidly up to the manifold. 

Step 3:  A pump circulates water or heat transfer fluid through the header pipe, carrying heat back to the storage tank.       Gradually throughout the day the tank is heated up.

Apricus evacuated tube solar collector basic system operation

The AP solar collector is comprised of four main parts:

Evacuated Tube (ET)

Absorbs solar energy and converts it to usable heat.
Vacuum between the two glass layers insulates against heat loss.

Heat Pipe (HP)

Copper vacuum pipe that transfers the heat from within the ET up to the manifold. 


Insulated box containing the copper header pipe. The header is a pair of contoured copper pipes with dry connect sockets that the heat pipes plug into. 

Mounting Frame

Strong and easy to install with various options to match different mounting methods.


Apricus evacuated tube solar collector

Evacuated Tube Efficiency

The vacuum space in the evacuated tube greatly reduces heat loss.  This greatly increases the conversion efficiency at higher water temperatures or when the outside temperature is very cold.   

Passive Tracking

The round absorber surface of the evacuated tubes passively track the sun throughout the day, so no mechanical tracking device is required. This allows optimum surface area exposure.The Apricus evacuated tubes receive >20% more solar exposure compared to a flat absorber, allowing more solar energy conversion to heat each day.


Apricus evacuated tube solar water heater passive solar tracking

Evacuated Tube and Heat Pipe

The Apricus evacuated tube and heat pipe are assembled differently than any other product on the market. Rather than a centrally located heat pipe with heat transfer fins radiating out to the glass wall, the heat pipe is positioned directly against the glass wall, where the sun is striking. The aluminium heat transfer fins are tightly held against the top inner wall of the evacuated tube as well as the heat pipe with a set of specially designed clips.  This is an important design feature as over time with the high temperature, Aluminium will soften, and so the clips ensure long term tight contact, which is essentially for optimal performance.

Apricus evacuated tube and heat pipe assembly diagram

Header Design

The header pipe in the AP series evacuated tube solar collectors is designed for reliability. Large fluctuations in operating temperatures from day to night cause thermal expansion and contraction of the metal, which, combined with high operating pressures, places a huge amount of stress on brazed connection points.

Apricus evacuated tube solar water heater header pipe

Manifold Casing

The manifold casing is made of a strong but lightweight aluminium alloy that is folded to form a strong protective enclose.  In addition the glass wool insulation is literally baked like a cake to form a complete structural shell around the header pipe.  This design minimises the amount of metal used in the casing, reducing embodied CO2, and making it very lightweight.

Apricus evacuated tube solar collector manifold

Weatherability and Durability

Living outside means that all the components of the collector must be able to withstand all that Mother Nature delivers, from freezing conditions, to the extreme heat and UV radiation of desert locations. Apricus collectors are design with this is mind. A good example is the use of silicone rubber instead of plastics for the tube caps, rubber header seals and manifold covers.  



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