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Solar Thermal

Use the sun's power to heat your home or business, heat water, heat your pool and keep you warm.

Solar Thermal panels are the most efficient use of the sun's power. Evacuated tube solar thermal panels have a 95% efficiency rating meaning they are able to convert up to 95% of the sun's energy into actual usable energy. According to more than 50% of the average household utility bill is spent heating your house and approximately 15% of the average household utility bill is spent heating water!

Solar Thermal can produce near 100% of a home's domestic hot water and up to 80% of its heating. Its also very effective for use in car washes, laundry mats, snow/ice melt systems, breweries, and other hot water intensive requirements.

The beauty of owning Apricus Solar Thermal is its simplicity, high efficiency, quick return on investment and...all Apricus panels are SRCC certified thus qualifying for US federal rebates!

Solar Collector Parts

  1. Collector manifold
  2. Glass wool insulation
  3. Copper header pipe (liquid flow)
  4. Stainless steel mounting frame
  5. Evacuated tube (solar absorber)
  6. Heat transfer fin and heat pipe

Collector Operation
  1. Sunlight is absorbed inside the evacuated tube causing it to heat up.
  2. The heat pipe inside the tube carries this thermal energy up to the manifold box.
  3. Fluid circulates from the storage tank up through to the header pipe and extracts
         the energy from the hot heat pipe tips.
  4. The newly heated fluid circulates back to the storage tank where it can be used
         and the cycle begins again.

Rebates & Incentives

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