Colorado Solar Benefits

Ever wondered about the power of the sun? Bestway Mechanical can help you learn about solar energy and how solar panel technology works. Learn more now.

Savings on energy bills

The cost of solar is often offset by the savings in energy bills. The average monthly electrical bill is approximately $100. Why not put that money toward a system that could save you thousands over the lifetime of the system? 

A solar system, once paid off, will not cost you anything. Bestway's solar photovoltaic systems require very little maintenance, are extremely durable and reliable and come with a 25-year, bumper-to-bumper warranty. Once you buy the system, you don't have anything to worry about for 25 years! No more dreaded utility bill, just clean, efficient, natural energy.

Tax credits & rebates

The federal government currently offers a 30% tax incentive for installing renewable energy systems in your home. That equals a lot of savings and a nice kick-back for going green. In addition to that boost, a lot of Colorado energy companies also offer a rebate for converting to solar and renewable energy. 

Improve the value of your home

Installing solar energy or another renewable energy system is a long-term investment that pays itself back over time. One of the major advantages to installing solar is how it boosts the retail value of your home.

A recent study done by Electricity Markets & Policy Group showed that installing a solar system boosted your home's retail value by $5,900 per installed Kilowatt.

Buyers looking to purchase a new home view solar systems as being a major plus because it means that the home is self-sufficient. The one factor that influenced the value of the solar system was its age. Luckily, our solar PV systems are guaranteed with a 25 year warranty.

Reduce your carbon footprint

The best way to answer this question is with basic stats. We have installed monitoring systems on a few of our installs and they have provided some very insightful feedback.

This image below is from a system that has been running since Jan 10, 2010.  The icons below reflect what has been saved because of this individual using solar energy instead of traditional grid energy.

Now this is a fairly large system so its not necessarily "typical" results and this is the accumulation over almost 6 years now.

Inline image 1

Here is another example taken from a system that is MUCH smaller (one of the smallest we have installed).  

This is the running total for just around 4 months and is still pretty amazing.  Environmental benefits and impacts.

Environmental impacts of solar systems vary depending on energy usage and the size of the system but even the smallest systems can save big time over the course of just a few months.

Inline image 2

Go Off-Grid

For Colorado homes that are located on the out-skirts of town, going off-grid can make a new construction home much more efficient. For new construction homes, Bestway Mechanical can integrate all of our systems together. That includes Solar Thermal, Geothermal, Solar PV systems as well as all the necessary plumbing. 

Integrating all of your systems together to start with in a new home makes it easy to get a great start on being self-reliant and not needing to be on the grid.