Typical Costs of Solar Power Systems

How much does a solar panel cost? At Bestway Mechanical we can show you that solar can be cost efficient, so you can stop asking, "is solar worth it?".

What does installing a solar system cost?

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System costs are highly variable and depend on size, which refers to how much electricity it produces and is decided based on the customer's usage of regular electricity.  You can calculate an estimate of your usage using the EPA's easy-to-use energy calculator, but the get a true sense of your usage, you would need to contact your utility company.

Financing is available but is tailored to each individual person and system. When financing is used this usually is equal to between $100-$200/month for 12 years and after that your electricity is free!

With financing, typical costs average around what most homeowners already pay their utility company. The real benefit of this is the utility bill will disappear as soon as the solar energy system is installed.

Another plus is that solar systems increase the property value during resale of a residential home. Since our panels last for around 40 years and have a 25 year complete warranty, this is a guaranteed investment.