Pueblo On-Site Solar Incentive Program

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Black Hills On-Site Solar Incentive Program

IMG 6142Join the 30,000 Coloradans taking advantage of renewable solar energy and creating long-lasting energy independence. Whether you’re a business or home owner, solar energy can assist in offsetting the cost of your energy bill and the Black Hills On-Site Solar Incentive Program will help you get there. The rebate program is designed to reward qualified customers with a production-based incentive that will credit you for the solar energy generated by your on-site solar system. This can have a significant effect on your energy bill. In addition, you can add credit to your account for every kWh produced in excess of your monthly usage. Contact Bestway Mechanical to today to get schedule a free estimate and start adding clean, renewable energy back to your community’s power grid.

Things to know…

  • On-site solar systems have the potential to produce up to 120% of your monthly usage.
  • Colorado is 9th in the nation in solar power capacity.
  • Less than 2% of Coloradans take advantage of the benefits created by this renewable energy.
  • Solar power helps protect the environment by creating zero emmisons.
  • You can receive substantial tax credits for installing an on-site solar system
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